Campaign Launch: In Pursuit of Excellence – 25th year anniversary

Bargteheide. “In Pursuit of Excellence“: New MK-dent film launches online ( For the first time, the film “In Pursuit of Excellence” shows MK-dent’s facility in Bargteheide, Germany.

In Pursuit of Excellence: What does it take to make a masterpiece?

To celebrate the company's 25th anniversary, we are launching the global campaign "In Pursuit of Excellence". At MK-dent, to achieve a masterpiece demands a cohesive team of talented technicians, engineers and craftspeople with commitment to core values and pushing boundaries. In their pursuit of excellence, they strive for precise detail at every level of their work.

Attractive working environment: Humans and cobots work hand in hand at MK-dent smart factory

MK-dent’s factory in Bargteheide, Germany is one of the world’s most advanced handpiece plants.

By increasing systems intelligence and process control technology into the ISO 13485:2016 certified facility, MK-dent is assuring workers to count on a high level of trustworthiness and information quality. Monotonous and repetitive tasks, dangerous work: sensitive collaborative robots take on these steps, deliver consistently high quality and ease the employees’ workload.

MK-dent coated the floors with white epoxy to create a clean work environment and added skylights to provide workers with natural light. The facility also features an employee training center, cafeteria and outdoor patios. MK-dent is focused on ensuring its workforce is trained in the advanced skills unique to MK-dent’s production processes, while taking a proactive approach to safety.

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