Prophy Line


Linear tip movement

Linear movement,

drastically reduced pain.


Traditional scalers operate at frequencies between 5 – 15 kHz with an elliptical movement of the tip. The piezoelectric method moves the tip at approx. 30 kHz in a linear way. Drastically reduced pain makes ultrasonic scaling more appreciated by patients.


Stainless steel cap

Eliminated pull,

perfect balance.


A stainless-steel cap prevents damages in the front of the handpiece. Additionally, the cap gives you the perfect balance as the weight is pulled to the front of the handpiece, balancing the weight of the tubing. This way, the pull on your hand is eliminated.


Synthetic material housing

Quality plastics,

fully sealed on the inside.


Autoclaving a scaler handpiece after using it is an essential part of the reprocessing procedure. Designed with highest quality plastics to fully seal the inside of the handpiece, attacks by superheated steam at 135 °C (275 °F) will not harm the scaler handpiece.


Technical Specifications

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